How to sell your screenplay to Netflix like a pro (2022)

With over 100 million subscribers, Netflix is an online film powerhouse. Almost every single producer, screenwriter, and filmmaker dream about getting their film or TV show on Netflix.

As a screenwriter myself I’m one of these dreamers. So I scowled the internet to find the answer.

In this post we’re going to show you exactly how to do this for each method.

Strap in, because I’m about to show you how to pitch a movie idea to Netflix!

How to find the people who work with Netflix?

For the record, Netflix puts the following on their website:

Netflix employs a team of creative executives and buyers, who receive pitches for shows and movies.

Netflix may generate an idea internally and hire writers or other creatives to develop those ideas further.

The question is how to find these people that work at Netflix?

1. Use IMDB Pro to find producers

Finding people who work with Netflix is easy and hard at the same time. Here’s the easy part. Just log in to your Netflix account or do a quick Google search. For example, I just googled the Netflix film Bird Box:

Bird Box Google Result

I just found five people who have working relationships with Netflix in this search result card. And there are even more from the credits of the film at the end of it.

Bird Box credits

These are the people you need to seek out. They are the ones who could immediately get your script in front of other decision makers.

Option 2

Another solution that Netflix suggests is finding a literary agent that works with Netflix. Netflix is ramping up production with more Hollywood stars that are in need of more content to produce.

But Netflix doesn’t have literary agents, right? Or do they?

Find out what types of books they take seriously in this regard.

Contact the author and ask to adapt the book into a script. Approach them with a query letter.

If you want to send them a query letter listen to the video below about how to get their attention.

This method might not be as simple but it’s definitely a way in.

I’d just like to add that before you pitch Netflix make sure your script is ready.

How to Pitch Netflix

There are numerous suppliers of content out there since everybody wants to get a deal with Netflix. Therefore, it makes lots of sense to find ways of making your project rise above the rest for you to get noticed.

The following are some questions to help you refine your pitch:

1.) Do you have big names in your pitch?

This includes an online celebrity. This could mean a popular actor, a producer with a lot of contacts, or a casting director.

How do you get these people involved? Once you get a meeting set up, contacting these people to see if they would want to join your pitch gets easier. Just use the IMDB method above.

2.) Is it High Concept?

A high concept is a movie that can be pitched in a few sentences or in a movie poster or thumbnail. It’s a production that can have worldwide appeal. Something that transcends language.

Kung Fury Short Film Trailer

You can think it’s ridiculous if you want. Something with that BOOM online will get noticed by Netflix. Remember they are always watching what’s popular online.

Now when your talking to your connection makes sure you don’t rule your other options out. If they want to make your film, you shouldn’t be upset if it’s not going on Netflix.

What type of Scripts does Netflix want?

Let’s look at the films that were produced and released just last year.

Take a look at the genre section of the list. Do you see a pattern? I know I do. They seem to gravitate towards comedy, romance, and drama.

This isn’t to say writing anything else won’t stand a chance but look at the actions they decided to put money behind.

Adi Shankar who works with Netflix got his animation up and running from licensing IP from a popular video game.

What we can conclude is a little bit of everything. Or a little bit of everything popular.

Yes, Netflix is looking for star power nowadays, but star power comes in many ways. A producer, actor a casting director, or if you just flat out have the attention aka the Buzz they will reach out to you.

In other words, be so good that they want to have a meeting with you. as they did with these examples.

When writing for Netflix, write short films

Did you know Stranger things started as a short film created by the duff brothers in 2007 called “Eater”

Duff Brothers short film

Even if you are just a writer take some cash and make a short of your project. Get someone to direct and produce it. Netflix wants completed works of art. Sometimes words on a page aren’t enough.

And you might be thinking “I’m not willing to do that”.

Now it’s time to hear from you:

What did you learn from this post that you will try?

If you did try any of the options, what success did you have?

Whatever your answers are let’s hear them in the comments below.

Happy writing.

How to sell your screenplay to Netflix like a pro (2022)
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