About Freshmen Screenplay

Hi! I’m Khadeem Wilson and this is a site where I nerd out about screenplays.

I started Freshmen Screenplay because I discovered, at the age of 24, I wanted to be a filmmaker. Not knowing anything about filmmaking combined with no money for film school I searched the internet for answers.

These are three parts to making a film:

The screenplay, The production, The edit.

So I began learning to screenwrite first.

Every time I learn something new about the process I share it on this blog.

My main focus is to help newer screenwriters cut the learning curve and save years off there journey. To write, pitch and sell your scripts in this new digital age.

The ’90s are over and the way all my favorite screenwriters made it is long past. But with the end of old Hollywood comes new ways of making a career for yourself.

As an avid screenwriter myself, I’ve written five scripts and directed one movie so far without going to film school.

During this process, I’ve found some pitfalls along the way. Through trial and error, reading books, watching interviews and paying for script readers’ advice I’m here to share what I’ve learned from others and a little from my own experience.

Freshemensceeenplay.com is comprised of not only my knowledge that I’ve learned through 100’s of hours watching free and paid content. But other screenwriters advice I’ve collected over the years in three categories

  • Formating
  • How-to Guides
  • Reviews

I email and interview any and everybody to find the information needed to answer the questions I’ve had and most likely you. From questions about the scriptwriting business to how to structure your scene heading.

So instead of you the new screenwriter going through the years of confusion, I did I bring a site dedicated to answering the web’s most difficult questions about the scriptwriting process.

Happy writing.