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Hi! I’m D.K Wilson, and this is a site where I nerd out about screenplays.

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I started this because I discovered, at the age of twenty-four, I wanted to be a filmmaker. Not knowing anything about filmmaking combined with no money for film school, I searched the internet for answers.

First I took every online screenwriting class I could find.

I Interned at a production company in Washington, DC, where I quickly moved to a producer role. I then produced two T.V. shows for a major tv channel. I’ve since worked with professional screenwriters to find the specific problems I had in my writing to push it to a professional level. And now I’m finally there.

Now with years of screenwriting knowledge, I started this blog to help people with the same questions I had when I first started writing. My goal is to help people cut the learning curve to save years. Freshmen Screenplay’s comprised of not only my knowledge that I’ve learned through 100’s of hours. But advice from screenwriters who still work in the industry today.

If you have any questions just get in touch.

Happy writing.

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