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How do you write a stutter, gasp, and sighs in a screenplay?

In dialogue, there are little nuances best shown on camera through feeling and improvisation. But how do you explain these things in a script beforehand? How would you express emotional language like stutters, gasps, and sighs in a script? Keep reading to find out. How Do You Write a Stutter in a Screenplay? You write […]

How to Write a Party Scene in a Screenplay

Did you know that 73% of movies made have some party scene? Whether that be a barbecue, dance party, sleepover, club scene, dinner party, you name it. It’s a great way to see how your protagonist reacts and responds emotionally in an environment with many unfamiliar people. It puts pressure on your character and is […]

What are Extensions in Screenwriting? (The Complete Guide)

What are extensions in screenwriting? Extensions in screenwriting are abbreviations written by the writer on the right side of a character’s name in a screenplay to indicate where a character is talking from.  There are two screenwriting extensions: Extensions Abbreviations Meaning When to use Them O.S. OffScreen When the speaking character is in the room […]

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