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What Is a B Story in a Screenplay? Complete guide (Real Movie Examples)

When sitting down to write your screenplay, the plot is one of the most important considerations. You can’t create enduring characters and write rich dialogue without knowing the plot. Yet a one-plot story is incomplete, which is why your screenwriting coach told you to add a B story to your screenplay. What exactly is a […]

How to Submit a Script to Blumhouse?

Blumhouse is a horror/thriller powerhouse. From paranormal activity to the purge, they definitely have a style with 74 movies and counting; Jason Blum isn’t stopping. So how do you get your script in the hands and minds of the executives at Blumhouse? This topic has been unanswered by them themselves. How do you submit a […]

How do you Introduce Multiple Characters at Once in a Script?

We’ve already already talked about introducing characters but what about multiple ones in the same scene. It can be tricky to introduce multiple characters in a screenplay, even for seasoned scriptwriters. A group introduction is the first opportunity to hook your reader in your screenplay. It can make or break a reader’s first impression of […]

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