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How To Review A Screenplay (Step by Step Guide)

As a screenwriter, you need to be able to grasp several skills to write a top-level script, Including developing a strong sense of discipline, being receptive to criticism, and being able to rewrite, rewrite and rewrite! How do you review a screenplay? You review a script by scoring the concept, story, structure, character, and dialogue […]

Screenplay Rewrite Checklist 10 Things to Do

So, you’ve finished the first draft of your screenplay; what a milestone! Unfortunately, the work has only begun. Re-writing a script can be challenging, both emotionally and mentally.  But script re-writes are a crucial part of the screenwriting process.  It allows you to: ⦁ Create a tighter story⦁ Get a second opinion ⦁ Mold your script into […]

10 Best Screenwriting Software for Beginners to Professionals

Here we have 10 of the best screenwriting software perfect for beginners and three great for professionals. How do we know this? I’ve been screenwriting for 5 years. I’ve personally tested each software during my years of writing and found these to be the best. What’s the best screenwriting software? The best screenwriting software is […]

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