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How To Write A Heart-Pounding Kissing Scene In a Screenplay (Tips And Examples)

So, you’ve got the perfect story laid out before you. There is drama, angst, and an ideal resolution… but it’s still missing that tinge of romance. Your script is missing the kissing scene. How to write a kissing scene in a screenplay? You can generally write “They kiss.” It’s what leads up to the kiss […]

Final Draft VS Arc Studio In-depth Screenwriting Comparison

This post will compare two of the best screenwriting software programs around- Final Draft and Arc Studio. Our first-hand knowledge and experience of both of these programs will ensure by the end of this post. You will have a clear idea of which you should use and why. While it’s clear that Arc Studio is […]

10 Best Screenwriting Software for Beginners to Professionals

Here we have 10 of the best screenwriting software perfect for beginners and three great for professionals. How do we know this? I’ve been screenwriting for 5 years. I’ve personally tested each software during my years of writing and found these to be the best. What’s the best screenwriting software? The best screenwriting software is […]

What Is a B Story in a Screenplay? Complete guide (Real Movie Examples)

When sitting down to write your screenplay, the plot is one of the most important considerations. You can’t create enduring characters and write rich dialogue without knowing the plot. Yet a one-plot story is incomplete, which is why your screenwriting coach told you to add a B story to your screenplay. What exactly is a […]

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