Author : JohnAllen

Do Screenwriters Get a Percentage of Box Office?

You’ve probably heard that studios spend millions of dollars for scripts each year.  And now you’re wondering “How much percentage does a screenwriter receive?”  In this post, we are going to find out exactly how much screenwriters earn as a percentage of the box office. Usually screenwriters receive a percentage of the production budget of […]

How to Apply to the Nicholl Fellowship

Nicholl Fellowship Application Rules Must be in English Must be 18 years or older No identifying personal info in script Must be in PDF format The recommended length is 80 pagesMust be original work of the entrant Translations not accepted Must be written by submitter, not third party Only one copy Submitter can’t be immediate […]

What is the Difference Between a Screenplay and a Script?

Although some people may say that there is no difference between a screenplay and a script, there are tremendous differences. So what are the differences between screenplays and scripts? Scripts contain only actor dialogue and a description of what is happening. Screenplays tell the production team how to create a production made for screens as […]

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