A Scene in a Screenplay Simply Explained

A scene is a basic unit that constitutes a screenplay when strung together in a row of multiples. As such, screenwriters deal in scenes as the basis of their craft, meaning that having a good grasp of what a scene is essential for success in screenwriting. In this article, we’ll define a scene, explain its […]

How do Pro Screenwriters Make Money Today?

How do screenwriters make money? There are about seven ways that screenwriters make money. We will discuss all of them in this article. Keep reading. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not always the flat-out purchase of a script that keeps screenwriters’ bills paid. It might be the headline, but this big purchase is broken into […]

10 Things Producers Look for in a Script?

In the film industry, the people who can make or break your career in screenwriting are producers. If you can write a screenplay while keeping in mind what producers are looking for, you’re much more likely to have your script bought or optioned. In this article, we’ll give you a list of the main things […]

How to Submit a Script to Blumhouse?

Blumhouse is a horror/thriller powerhouse. From paranormal activity to the purge, they definitely have a style with 74 movies and counting; Jason Blum isn’t stopping. So how do you get your script in the hands and minds of the executives at Blumhouse? This topic has been unanswered by them themselves. How do you submit a […]

Do production companies buy scripts? (What, Why and How)

With superhero films taking over, what’s the point of creating an original spec script idea? Are production companies even still buying scripts from writers? Here’s what you need to know. After researching all the script sales from 2020’s data, this is what I’ve found. Do production companies buy scripts? Yes, production companies buy screenplays. In […]

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