10 Amazing Places to Submit Your Script in (2022)

Places to submit your screenplay

You just wrote your first AMAZING script, or maybe you’ve written a couple of scripts.

But you have zero connections to HOLLYWOOD producers, agents, and managers.

Well, don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place I’m going to show you where and how thousands of people are submitting screenplays today.

Through this definitive guide, you will never even have to leave your computer chair.

The benefits of using these tools are:

  1. All these places are Online only
  2. Some are free but most cost less than your coffee for a month.
  3. If you wrote a GREAT screenplay you most likely will get signed and your script optioned.

Let’s get to it.

1.) IMDB Pro

Why is IMDBPro.com at the top of this list?

Its the only way to connect to every agent, manager, and production company throughout the world. Now let me show you step by step how to submit your scripts.

This is what you do:

Step 1

Find a movie that is similar to the script you wrote.

For example, if you wrote a horror film, find horror movies that are similar in style tone, etc.

Step 2

Google the film to find the writer or writers who wrote the film. They should have an IMDB page attached to the search results you can click.

Step 3

Click the section to contact the writer’s agent.

Next, you can send a query letter to the agent. Then repeat this step until you get a response from someone who would like to read your script.

Let’s walk through an example:

Let’s say we wrote a mystery. and your film is kind of like the 2019 Escape Room.

Great, now let’s find his IMDB page.

Let’s click through and BOOM. Simple.

TIP# 1 Why IMDB Pro is the best way to submit scripts.

People want a drag and drop submission technique. But don’t worry, those techniques are on this list. But since this requires research and writing independent letters to agents. Most people won’t do it.

Since most won’t try, you will set yourself apart from 90% of people by putting in the extra work. Straight FACTS.

TIP# 2 How much does it cost?

IMDB Pro does cost but they do have a free thirty-day trial

So I suggest making a list of films in step 1 in advance before starting your account. That way, you can submit to dozens putting your free trial to work.

But if you’re a serious screenwriter who wants to get movies made. Paying for this yearly service won’t be a problem.

2.) BBC Writers Room

The BBC writer’s room is a great place if your a TV writer.


All you have to do is send your script. It’s that simple. But not just any script. Drama and Comedy TV scripts only, please.

Yes, twice a year, the BBC opens the flood gates to any and everyone who has a script that wants their chances to join their writing team.

The first round of submissions are for comedy scripts only between March and April. The second are for Drama scripts.

This is what you do:

Step 1

Once you’ve written a killer script, please just take a moment to double-check their guidelines.

Nothing is worse than to have your chance taken because you didn’t do something correctly.

They have more guidelines listed here.

Step 2

Then you’ve finished.

You have two ways to send your script to them. One way is through the website. The second is through email.

Details will be made clearer closer to the date of acceptance.


Since I haven’t myself gone through this process I’ve found someone who has to shed some light on results if you get in.

So if you’re not willing to write on one of their current shows. This might not be the best place to submit your script.

But if you just want your foot in the door and become a professional screenwriter, please don’t hesitate to try this out.

3.) Nicholl Fellowship

What is the Nicholl Fellowship? It’s the only screenwriting competition that is run by the Academy.

They are allowing only amateur screenwriters to submit their screenplay to be judged by a panel of professionals.

Why Submit your script here?

Along with winning $35,000 in cash.

If you’re not signed by an agent after winning or even placing high, you will be. If you have no producer contacts, you will have them.

This is what you do:

Step 1

Gravitate to the register/ sign-in button under how to apply here.

Register if you’re a first time user.

After you register you can log in like normal. Then you will be prompted to begin the 7 step application process.

Then hit submit and you’re finished.

4.) BackStage

Backstage.com made this list for being a great resource for finding agents and management.

This is, unfortunately, is one of the only ways to represent your material in this day and age.

At first glance, you would think there is no opportunity for screenwriters. Seeing as they are looking for actors on their homepage.

But we’ve searched to provide you a link here.

This is what you do:

Step 1

After going to the link provided, you can see Agents or Mangers. Which is what you want.

Step 2

Search until you find agencies that accept screenwriters.

Step 3

Next, click through.

Sign up to view the information needed to contact them.

But if you dig deep enough through Google you might find what you’re looking for.

I suggest signing up for this service because most of the contracts are very hard to find via search engines.

5.) The Black List

The black List is a site where you the screenwriter can host your scripts onto a database.

Why do this? Once posted Hollywood professionals then pick and read the scripts they look for. If one likes yours a deal would then be made.

They work on a grading system of 1 through 10 if you get an 8 or higher you have a more likely chance of getting a deal for your script.

Because producers would see your score as a sign of a good read.

Here’s what you do:

Step 1

Sign up by registering a new account. If you don’t already have one.

Step 2

I recommend getting an evaluation from them.

Again, a high score could get you a sale. A 10 will at least almost guarantee you an agent. that will then lead you to a sale.

After signing up you should be able to upload submit your screenplay no problem.

If you do have any difficulty they have great customer service.

6.) Script Reader Pro

This is a site kind of like Freshmen Screenplay the only difference being they have a script reader service.

What makes this service special is they have professional screenwriters reviewing scripts.

Check them out here.

Each reader is a professional with Hollywood experience.

With connections with some of the top film companies in the world.

If your script is excellent it’s stated they would ask you if they can submit it to their agent.

I’ve actually written an entire page explaining what you get when you work with them.

You can read more about how they work here.

7.) InkTip

InkTip works similarly to The Blacklist it’s a hosting script platform. But with three main differences.

  1. You can upload just your logline and synopsis.
  2. They have a newsletter that gives you insider knowledge of specific industry professionals.
  3. They have a running list of almost 400 films that have been made from writers on their platform.

How does The newsletter work?

Producers give exactly what they need in a screenplay. breaking down the budget genre etc.

6 to 8 producers a week to be exact.

Then you submit your query letters DIRECTLY TO THE PRODUCER. No middle man.

Unlike the blacklist, they have a running list of every film they help get made.

Each year an average of 28 films are added to that list. The proof is in the results.

8.) Warner Bros. Writing Program

Year after year the Warner Bros Workshop chooses 8 screenwriters out of 2,500 submissions and gives them access to executives agents and managers.


Why? because they are nice people? This might be true but the reason is:

They want and need good writers to hire.

If accepted you will get:

  • Weekly informative lectures by actors, showrunners, directors, and agents.
  • A simulated writer’s room with real working conditions to see how you perform.

If you do great you will be signed.

One thing to note you have to write a script from one of their current active running shows.

For example:

I hope you like superheroes and dramas.

What are they looking for? They have it write on their submissions page.

Let’s move on.

9.) Stage 32

Stage 32 is the only platform I’ve found where you can personally pitch to producers face to face or with a synopsis.

Afterward, if they like what they read or heard they will ask you to send your screenplay to them.

Let’s see this work in action.

This is what you do:

Step 1

On the top menu when you go to the website click script services.

Next, find a person to pitch.

They are directors, agents producers, managers, and everyone in between.

Each person has expertise in a specific genre and normally they list produced films they have helped bring to life.

Please choose people that have made films that are closely related to the one you’ve written. for example:

Say you wrote a female-driven film.

This producer works well in that niche. as you can see from her produced films towards the bottom.

Step 2

On the right side, you can choose a live video pitch or a written pitch.

Step 3

Once you choose your option simply sign up with an account and pay the $35 fee.

10.) Virtual Pitch Fest

Virtual Pitch Fest is a site where you can contact and query industry professionals.

They have a list of over 475+ professionals which includes:

  • Producers
  • Agents
  • Managers

What makes this site special is you are guaranteed a response from what you submit.

The other sites and ways of sending material can seem like a wormhole where nothing ever results from.

Luckily they have a simple easy and fast video you can watch on how to use their website.

This is what you do:


What’s great about all these options listed above are they are ways to send unsolicited screenplays. Most production companies won’t even read anything from a script that doesn’t have an agent attached.

But with all these newly founded online platforms we have more ways than ever to send out scripts

One thing to note please make sure you’re sending your material out to people who would have an interest in it. Don’t send your horror to a comedy producer.

No more excuses people. Let’s get it!

Did I Miss Anything?

Now, Im curious to hear from you guys.

Which method are you planning to use first?

Did I miss a new way to submit your script online?

Whatever you got to say I would love to hear it in the comments below.

Submitting script FAQs

Where can I post a script?

You can post a script to popular online hosting sites such as The Blacklist and InkTip. From here producers, agents, and managers will find your scripts.

How do I submit a script to Hollywood?

You submit a script to Hollywood by finding an agent or manager to represent you. Then having them manually submit your scripts to their Hollywood contacts.

Does Amazon still accept scripts?

No, Amazon stopped excepting unsolicited scripts on April 13, 2018.

10 Amazing Places to Submit Your Script in (2022)

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