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This is the first script service by professional screenwriters who actually work in Hollywood today.

Why use Professionals?

Use us because we give more than just great notes by people in the industry. We give you a chance to get your script seen by Hollywood agents, producers and manager with our industry connected writers.

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4+ pages of in-depth feedback 

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You Pick the Screenwriter

All of our writers are on LA time. You choose who you want your analysis from. Each consultation comes with a grading sheet and an in-depth explanation totally 4+ pages. Below are just some of screenwriters projects.

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Our staff is connected

All of our writers have worked with some of the biggest studios in Hollywood. Including:

Free Email Follow-up

Do you have any questions about your results? Do you need further explanation? Just email the screenwriter directly. They make themselfs availbie to chat after your results.


17 point Grading Scale

4+ PAGE Comment Analysis

Why most Script Readers Can't Help?

Most script readers are hired with zero qualifications. College kids, some of which haven’t even written a screenplay, TV pilot, or short. How do you know you’re getting closer to pro status if the person receiving your script isn’t a pro themselves. You don’t that’s what makes this offer unique. 

Listen to Writer,director, and actor Adam William Ward talk about his script reader days.

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