The Best Screenwriting Books

I’ve been on the lookout for the best and up-to-date knowledge and resources for years now to help me craft screenplays.

These books will help you with screenwriting from start to finish. From understanding what a story is to selling your script to the highest bidder.

I own every single one of these books and more. What I’ve come to realize is some screenwriting books are just fluff, and I recommend no fluff. Let’s get straight to it.

Aristotle Poetics

Both Arron Sorkin and David Mamet claim that this book is essential for any storyteller.

The rules of story have been laid out over centuries ago in this pamphlet written in 335 BC. The fundamental framework of story itself and its secrets can be found here.

If you think there are no rules your wrong. Knowing these will save you the hardships of constant bad feedback and rewrites.

The Anatomy of Story

John Truby is a known story consultant for major Hollywood studios.

His teachings have helped amateur writers get to the professional level and professional writers break the ceiling.

This book helps you build your story starting from the premise to the word FADE OUT in an easy 22 step formula. A must-have in your arsenal.

The Hollywood Standard 3rd edition

The complete Hollywood guide on formatting a screenplay.

Sometimes a page one formatting quirt can be the difference between a producer reading your script or not.

My website includes formatting answers, but It’s impossible to cover everything. This book does. Every question you could have on formatting is answered with a flip of a page.

Your Screenplay Sucks!

This book is about why your screenplay isn’t good and what you can do to make it better.

Yes, you’ve formatted it well; yes, you’ve followed the rules of Aristotle. Yet your screenplay doesn’t connect with people.

This book will give you 100 things you could be missing to take your script to the professional level.

Selling Your Story in 60 Seconds

Your script is finished but how do you sell it to Hollywood?

This book gives you the secrets to selling your story to producers, agents and production companies.

So when you walk in you knowing what they want to hear and a way to give it to them, that will make you a professional.

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