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Screenwriting software is not the most important thing when it comes to writing a screenplay. The software can help make things go smoother when it comes to planning out ideas, formatting and collaborating with other screenwriters in your class or project. On this page, we are going to go over the top screenwriting programs most of the industry is using and why you need to use them too.

The top screenwriting programs are:

  • Final Draft
  • WriterDuet Pro
  • Movie Magic Screenwriter 6
  • Trelby

Final Draft

Final Draft is first on this list because its used by 95% of the industry. It’s not the first screenwriting program but its the most impressive. It was started in the early ’90s and has been a stable for famous screenwriters of films such as the Oscar winner the shape of water, Logan and Star wars the force awakens. JJ Abrams has repeatedly said he doesn’t write on anything else and he doesn’t know anything else.

Features for final draft 11 include:

  • Story Mapping gives you a visual representation of your beats acts and scenes.
  • Beat Board allows you to plan your sequences and to write down your ideas for scenes and visually organize them.
  • Collaboration any number of writers on any project can work on the same screenplay online.
  • Alternate Dialogue allows you too write two lines of dialogue on the same line and switch back and forth
  • Speech to Script
  • Tagging for writers allows you to tag with colors parts of your script to keep track of important notes.

Writer Duet Pro

WriterDuet Pro is the leading competitor to Final draft. This program works on a subscriptions model making it cheaper than Final Draft and offering free updates to the software and allows you to write up to three scripts entirely for free. Ed Solomon writer of men and black wrote that this software was the most intuitive software he ever used.

Features for WriterDuet Pro include:

  • Collaboration – any number of writers on any project can work on the same screenplay online.
  • Offline mode – allowing you to write when not connected to the internet and will adjust your screenplay when you reconnect.
  • Industry standard formatting
  • Compatibility with most other script software on the market today.
  • Outline board for an organization
  • Logging Power – this software logs every single edit by person and date. So never lose your place.

Movie Magic Screenwriter 6

Movie Magic is a software designed for you to be able to write more than just a screenplay. This software is everything story. The Movie Magic software for writing screenplays, stage plays, teleplays, musicals, comic books, novels, short stories and more. So if your talents stretch beyond screenplays, this is a software for you.

Feature for Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 include:

  • Over 100 templates and tools to help you brainstorm, outline, write and rewrite your story or script.
  • Updated tools optimized for the latest versions of Windows and Mac OS X
  • Newest Production Features ensure your script is always Hollywood ready


It doesn’t have any fancy features as the other programs offer but it’s reliable. Get the entire program and start today for free.

Feature for Trelby include:

  • Screenplay editor: Enforces correct script format and pagination, auto-completion, and spell checking.
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