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First Act Break in Screenwriting

Ideally, when you’re writing a screenplay, every moment – every line of dialogue, every action, and every plot point – will work. But there are some elements that, if they aren’t working, will cause your whole screenplay to fall apart. The first act break is one of them. As the first transition between two different […]

Scene Description in Screenplays: The Ultimate Guide

When I first started writing screenplays, I was told, your scene description is the lifeblood of your script. It’s more important than other aspects of your script, such as dialogue—words given from people like Aaron sworkin and David Mamet.  Today I’m going to show you how to write a scene description that gets producers to: Turn the […]

How to Write Facial Expressions in Screenplays

After explaining emotions on this blog, I realized that there is more to them than that.  Facial expressions can have an impact.  How to write facial expressions in screenplays? You write facial expressions in a script by describing the emotional action associated with the facial expression you’re trying to portray. Example: Describing smiling. Don’t write this: Sarah […]

How to Write Emotions in Screenplays

When I wrote my first feature, I got a note I never thought I would get.  We cant see this? Describe this emotion in a way we can see.  Script reader After reading serval professional scripts, it finally clicked.  How do you write emotions in a screenplay? Through character action. You write emotions in a […]

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