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What are Extensions in Screenwriting? (The Complete Guide)

What are extensions in screenwriting? Extensions in screenwriting are abbreviations written by the writer on the right side of a character’s name in a screenplay to indicate where a character is talking from.  There are two screenwriting extensions: Extensions Abbreviations Meaning When to use Them O.S. OffScreen When the speaking character is in the room […]

How to Write a Cutaway in a Screenplay

A cutaway is a mini scene in screenplays that cuts from the main action to a short scene or detail that gives information to change the perspective of the main action for the reader.  How do you write one? How do you write a cutaway in a screenplay? You write a cutaway in a script by […]

How to Write Jump Cuts in a Screenplay

Jump cuts are something we usually see only in a film. They are sometimes referred to as quick cuts or montages. They’re a way of sending information to the audience at a rapid pace, cutting from one action to another, jumping forward in time. One second the character is packing his bangs the next, he’s on […]

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