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How to Write Off-Screen Dialogue in a Script

Off-screen dialogue is when a character is speaking and isn’t seen when a character is in the area but not visible.  How to write off-screen dialogue in a Script? You write off-screen dialogue by writing the abbreviation “(O.S.)” after the character’s name in a script to inform the reader that we can’t see the character […]

How to Write Silence in a Screenplay

That moment where no one in the room knows what to say. The momentary silence in a film. How is it written in a script? It’s easier than it looks; you’re more than likely overthinking it.  How do you write silence in a screenplay? You write silence into a script by writing the word “Silence” […]

How to Write an Opening Title Sequence, Card, Credits in a Script

At the beginning of any movie, some titles display. It shows us the director, writer, producers, etc. It’s called a title sequence.  Sometimes it goes by other names like: Opening credits Movie Titles Opening title card Screenplay titles Main Titles A title sequence is a flash of intresting visuals and sounds to display the movie creator’s names […]

How to Write Parallel Action in a Script

Two or more action sequences are happening at once. Exciting. Reminds me of every single Cristopher Nolan movie.  But how would you write this in a screenplay? How to Write Parallel Action in a Script? You write parallel action into a screenplay by writing the two scene headings for the action’s locations and descriptions. Then, you […]

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