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How Much Should I Charge for Writing a Screenplay?

As a screenwriter, your ultimate goal is to be able to make a living from screenwriting. I’m talking money. So how much money should you charge when you’re lucky enough to be hired for screenwriting work? Just a heads up we will be answering the question for freelance screenwriters only screenwriters without agents or managers […]

5 Things to do with a Spec Script in 2022

So you’ve just written your spec script. Congratulations  Did you know that most people never even write one script? Your already ahead of 90% of people in Hollywood. At least that’s what I’ve heard from producers.  Now begs the question. What to do with a spec script? This post will teach you 5 things you can do with […]

How to Sell a Screenplay to Lifetime

You’ve written a screenplay with the kind of high drama that would be perfect for a Lifetime movie or TV series. You’d love to put your writing into the hands of a Lifetime exec, but you’re sure there’s a lot of red tapes to get through. How do you sell your screenplay to Lifetime? To […]

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