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What Is an Unsolicited Screenplay?

As you polish your screenplay and prepare to share it with the world, you have the option to send it unsolicited. To you, this sounds like a rather devious avenue to pursue, but you don’t quite know what unsolicited means in this context either. What is an unsolicited screenplay? It’s a screenplay sent to a […]

How Much Does a Screenwriting Agent Cost?

Did you know you shouldn’t be paying a screenwriting agent upfront? If you are talking to someone about representation and want upfront money that’s not an agent, please stop emailing them. Instead, they should be working on a commission basis. How much do screenwriting agents cost? Screenwriting agents typically ask for a 10% cut of […]

10 Companies Accepting Unsolicited Scripts That Will Give You A Chance

Do you want your screenplay to be the next Squid Game or Dune? You know your script is good, but you don’t yet have representation from a screenwriting agent or manager. Are there any studios and production houses that specifically say, “We accept unsolicited scripts?” Yes, we found 10 of them. Here are 10 companies […]

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