Author : D.K.Wilson

Screenplay Rewrite Checklist 10 Things to Do

So, you’ve finished the first draft of your screenplay; what a milestone! Unfortunately, the work has only begun. Re-writing a script can be challenging, both emotionally and mentally.  But script re-writes are a crucial part of the screenwriting process.  It allows you to: ⦁ Create a tighter story⦁ Get a second opinion ⦁ Mold your script into […]

How to Write a Day Dream in a Screenplay

So you have a character daydreaming in class while sleeping at night, or maybe they don’t know they are dreaming. You’ve come to the right post.  We will teach you how to write dreams in any situation with examples you can emulate.  How to Format a Dream Sequence In a Screenplay How do you write a dream sequence in […]

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