Online Screenwriting Classes

Thanks to the internet we can now go to learn without paying an absorbent amount of money. They say when you discover your profession to learn from a master. I’m, not a huge proponent of going to a college and sometimes paying 100’s of the thousands of dollars to learn from a teacher who has never entirely done what im trying to do. That to me is wasteful, been there done that.

Luckily these exceptional working professionals took the time to teach us a few things for under $200.00.

The best for Online Screenwriting Classes under $200.00 are:

David Mamet Teaches Dramatic writing

David Mamet Teaching dramatic writing is first on this list for a couple of reasons. The core of all writing is Drama. If you were writing an action film like Kill Bill, you might seem like its just a giant kill fest, but the reason for the kill fest is the drama. The reason why superhero movies are so bad or not as good as they can be Is the lack of drama.

26 video lessons

David Mamet Teaches Dramatic Writing

If you struggle with structure and dialogue David Mamet has arguably influenced famous writers like Quintin Tarantino and Aaron Sorkin. Who are now known to have some of the best screenwriting structure and dialogue on the planet?

He has helped me personally get my shorts produced based on his techniques. And there is no class on this list that I can recommend higher than this one. He is an entertaining jokester that will keep you laughing throughout the class, and a very fun teacher to learn from. If you still aren’t convinced just watch Glen Gary Glen Ross. The end

Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting

Aaron Sorkin is famous for writing a few good men, The west wing, the social network, and steve jobs. His class goes through story structure and characters just like David Mamet but he also sits down with a group of young up and coming writers and goes thought their screenplays. This is a nice treat you get to see notes live and to see what producers are looking for in writers today.

35 video lessons

Aaron Sorkin Teaches Screenwriting

If your someone who does really well listening to others feedbacks I suggest you take this course. I do have to warn you he thinks faster than he talks. Meaning there are a lot of “ummms” and “aaahhs” thought the course but the information is good all the same.

Shonda Rhimes Teaches Writing for Television

Creator of Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal two shows still on TV and doesn’t look like they’re going away anytime soon. If you need any more proof she signed a 150 million dollar deal with Netflix for 8 TV shows. Its safe to say Shonda Rhimes is a TV goddess. You will learn how to put together a pilot, dialogue, characters and how a writers room works at the highest level.

6 hours of video lessons

Shonda Rhimes Teaches Wrting for TV

Shonda brings her bubbly personality and her story on how she got started in writing. This is a blueprint for all TV writers that want to break into the industry. She even breaks down her own work to give you the keys to hook an audience in the first 15 minutes.

Judd Apatow Teaches Comedy

Judd is a writer-producer-director of all things funny. His list is too long to talk about so let me just mention some of the funniest things I thought hes ever made. The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked up, Super Bad and Bridesmaids. This gunslinger has more movies than anyone on this list because of his three titles but whats intresting is there all in one genre. Judd Apatow is a master of comedy.

32 video lessons

Judd apatow Teaches comedy

Yes, I know this is getting repetitive but he does go over the essentials of a story like the other three classes. Because of his extensive knowledge of comedy, he takes a perspective of finding humor in everything.

This is one of the few classes that go over the pitch process for screenwriters. Taking you from writing to signing the deal. It’s one thing to write a great piece of art. It’s another thing to be able to sell it for $200,00 in one meeting. I recommend this class to anyone who is interested in making comedy movie and Tv shows from start to finish.

The Masterclass Platform

All these classes are in one space. That space is, a hub of professional information. Think if it as a high-quality youtube. They seem to add a new teacher every 3 months. Anywhere from TV & Film to Science and Technology. They recently just came out with there apple and android app that lets you learn on the go. Making it very convenient for anyone on a train or long uber commute to work.

How much are these masterclasses?

Like promised every class here is under $200.00. Each class listed above is actually a whopping $90.00 each. You will have access to the class forever. Now that’s a deal, right? There’s something better than that. For $180.00 you can get access to every single masterclass for an entire year.

All 12 filmmaking courses. If you are an indie filmmaker any and all information will be very useful to you. As well as cooking, photography, games & sports and so much more you might be interested in learning.

What comes with it?

Along with the class, there is a comment section at the bottom of each video where you can interact with your fellow classmates. Bouncing ideas off each other and becoming stronger writers. Next, there are class workbooks that come with each lesson worked out by the instructor. They normally are summaries of the lesson and other material to help you work out your own scripts as you along.

Finally, there are office hours that the instructor lays out to the students. Times where they are online to interact and ask questions. Yes, You can talk to Aaron Sorkin and ask him anything.

Why is this the best way to learn screenwriting?

Im not saying that teachers don’t know what they are talking about. I’m just saying if he or she did know, they would be in such high demand they would have almost no time to teach.

Chadwick Boseman was an acting teacher when he got his chance to play Jackie Robinson in the movie 42. Hince, he is no longer an acting teacher.

Masterclass is better than a traditional screenwriting degree to me not just because of the price. It has experienced teachers at the top of there game. Learning from Tom Crusie on acting is better than anything your going to get. The 10,000-hour theory couldn’t be more in effect than with this platform. Download there brain hours and save time on getting to the top.

Get to learning.